Sonoma Valley and Santa Rosa High 2017 Winners

After a review of submitted videos, personal observations and visits to school sites on game nights, Sonoma Valley and Santa Rosa High Schools have been selected as 2017 Battle of the Fans Champions.  As in previous years, there were a number of outstanding performances and videos submitted which made the selection process very difficult.  That being said, the Dragons from the Sonoma County League and the Panthers from the North Bay League distinguished themselves by demonstrating the goals and objectives of the program at a high level.  Both schools created a culture of sportsmanship, inclusiveness, enthusiasm and had a very positive impact on overall school culture.

Congratulations to both schools which have been presented Championship banners and a $1,000 for their respective student bodies. These awards are possible due to the generous sponsorship of our friends at Friedman’s Home Improvement.

Sonoma Valley - What BOTF means to us

Battle of the Fans gave Sonoma Valley High School the opportunity to come together and show just how spirited the students could be. When we first entered the competition, we only intended to do our best; we didn’t know the huge impact that it would have on student body. We brought every grade level together in a way that we had never done before. Freshmen were cheering right alongside seniors at football games. Even sports that don’t usually get an audience had fans that came to cheer on the athletes. Thanks to Battle of the Fans, the school is now more unified than ever.


Santa Rosa High - What BOTF means to us

Battle of the fans, even though it has not been around for that long, and has had a tremendous impact on campus. SRHS has always been a spirited school, but now we have a way of being recognized which has had a big impact on the overall spirit. Now we can unite the entire student body in a fun and competitive way. BOTF has brought the best out of our student section and gives us a great way to celebrate our sports together in a spirited way.