Windsor & El Molino 2016 Winners

Windsor and El Molino High Schools have been selected as 2016 Battle of the Fans Champions.  The Jaguars, from the North Bay League, and Lions, from the Sonoma County League, were selected by a committee after reviewing videos and making site visits from a group of outstanding entries.  Both schools demonstrated the goals and objectives of sportsmanship, inclusiveness, enthusiasm and a very positive influence on the entire school community.  Congratulations to both schools which were awarded Championship Banners and $1,000 for their respective student bodies. Remember, these awards are possible due to the sponsorship of our friends at Friedman’s Home Improvement.

El Molino - What BOTF means to us

During BOTF our school developed a different relationship than the one we had before. The most important aspect of this competition was the bonding of classes and different social groups. People who normally would have never had the chance to hangout or attend sporting events now have the desire to explore something that might be out of their comfort zone. This event also created a better environment for teachers and students to enjoy time together outside of the classroom. Not only has spirit increased on a daily basis but teachers and staff are now encouraged to show students what Elmo is all about, Pride. Finally the community as a whole has come together and community members, not just parents, are seen cheering on the Lions at various sporting events. Our school atmosphere has tremendously improved because of the competitive nature of this event and many students have changed their attitudes towards their attendance.

Thanks again!
El Molino Leadership

Windsor - What BOTF means to us

In the three years that I have been at Windsor High School, I have never experienced a more unifying project than Battle of the Fans. Basketball games have always been popular at our school because we are fortunate to have a successful team, but ever since Battle of the Fans started our student section has been packed game after game with positive students from every social group ready to cheer on our Jaguars. The magnitude of the project is what has been the most impactful; students from every social group got excited, dozens of leadership students planned events and themes, and spirited students lead cheers and offered ideas and support. At Windsor High School, Battle of the Fans is more than just a leadership organized attempt to clean up our sportsmanship, but a campus wide success to show our true spirit.

Allegra Robertshaw